Criminal Law


The nature of crime and criminal law is such that it has the real potential to affect the lives of people from all walks of life.


Whether you are the victim of a crime, a director accused of a corporate offence, an individual accused of a crime, or a parent or family member of a person charged with an offence, Mony De Kerloy can assist you.


We understand that the criminal law process can be stressful, confronting and at times embarrassing for those involved. We can alleviate some of these stresses by guiding you through the process with sensible and considered advice.


Mony De Kerloy has represented a wide range of clients in criminal matters including those relating to:

  • Corporate or ‘white collar’ criminal offences (insider trading, Corporations Act offences, directors’ duties);
  • Offences under the Criminal Code (murder, assault, trespass, fraud);
  • Traffic offences (drink driving, reckless/dangerous driving, unlicensed driving, extraordinary licenses); and
  • Restraining order applications and objections.


Each matter is treated with the same level of importance, confidentiality and compassion by our criminal lawyers. For criminal law advice with a personalised touch contact our solicitors at Mony De Kerloy.