Debt Recovery


There are variety of options available to a creditor when faced with an outstanding debtor. At Mony De Kerloy we can tailor solutions that are appropriate to the size and nature of the debt and to your particular needs. we understand the importance of achieving a commercially sensible outcome when engaged in debt recovery.


The services that we can provide include:

  • Issuing letters of demand;
  • Negotiating repayments;
  • Drafting repayment plans;
  • Drafting deeds of acknowledgement of debt;
  • Commencing proceedings in the appropriate court against debtors;
  • Enforcing court judgements against debtors;
  • Drafting statutory demands; and
  • Drafting bankruptcy notices.


Alternatively, if you are having difficulty managing your creditors then we can provide assistance in assessing your liability to your creditors and in negotiating a repayment plan where appropriate.