IDIM – A Programme To Prevent Regulatory Interference Or Worse - MDK

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  • February 06, 2020
  1. Identify risk areas/risky behaviours in your business.
  2. Determine what behaviours and processes need to change and how.
  3. Implement the change through staff notifications and training.
  4. Monitor compliance.

Corporate businesses are subject to constant regulation and need to ensure legislative compliance.

Whether in the areas of financial probity and regulation, professional licensing or regulatory requirements or health and safety, you do not want to come unstuck because of the conduct of one or more managers or employees.

In the current heavily regulated marketplace, you need to be pro-active.

Getting on the front foot with a sensible, directed compliance programme will reduce your risk and, if the worst happens, stand your business and company in good stead with the regulators as being pro-active and aware.

IDIM is a tailored compliance programme for your business and company.

If you wish to learn more about its benefits to you contact Thomas Prior on 9221 5326 or contact by email on