Joint Ventures


A joint venture is a means by which parties associate for carrying on business in common for trading or commercial purposes. Joint ventures can be established by contract, by incorporating a joint venture vehicle, or through a trust, agency, or joint ownership of assets.


A joint venture relationship gives the parties rights but also obligations, including duties owed to the other joint venture partners.


If you are party to a joint venture, or considering a joint venture for your commercial undertaking, contact our team for:

  • Advice on deciding whether a joint venture is the right vehicle for your project or undertaking, and the form that any joint venture should take;
  • Advice on whether your current venture is a ‘joint venture’ and the rights and obligations that result;
  • Assistance with negotiating and drafting joint venture agreements and/or incorporating joint venture vehicles; and
  • Dealing with disputes with your joint venture partners.


Essential to a good business is the right structure. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your commercial needs are met to give your next undertaking the best opportunity for success.