Mining Agreements


Mining in Australia has been a significant industry over many decades and, to Western Australia in particular, a major economic contributor.


At Mony De Kerloy we understand that resource project development is a massive undertaking for any developer requiring a long-term commitment and large expenditure.


Our professional team can assist in the negotiation of mining agreements between the government resource owners and project developers seeking to exploit those resources, both in relation to the establishment of new projects and for the continuation of existing projects.


Mining agreements are not limited to applying for a licence or lease but include consideration of planning and environment law, industrial relations, and even foreign investment.


Other areas in which we may assist include:

  • Capital raisings and finance;
  • Making arrangements for access to infrastructure;
  • Negotiating and drafting sales and offtake agreements in relation to resources;
  • Royalty arrangements;
  • Warden’s Court applications; and
  • Dispute resolution.


It is also often necessary to take into account the rights of Aboriginal land owners. We can assist with agreements to provide for matters such as protection of sacred sites, compensation, and employment and training.