Termination of Employment


At Mony De Kerloy we have experience in advising and representing both employers and employees in relation to the variety of issues that can arise upon the termination of an employment relationship.



Our professional team can assist employers in seeking to enforce any continuing obligations against a former employee under their employment contract, including the protection of the business’s confidential information and intellectual property and ensuring compliance with any non-compete or restraint clauses.


We can also assist in any claims made against an employer for unfair dismissal. We have experience in providing representation for these claims both in the courts and with Fair Work.



We have experience in providing assistance to employees in unfair dismissal and unlawful termination claims against their former employers. We can assist you in negotiating an early resolution of any dispute with your former employer and, if necessary, provide advice and representation in seeking the assistance of Fair Work, the Courts, or other appropriate forums to resolve your dispute.


We also offer advice on the restrictions and enforceability of any restraint or non-compete clauses in your employment contract and how these clauses will affect your ability to seek other employment or start a business of your own.


In these matters, we understand that the demand of legal proceedings can be burdensome which is why at Mony De Kerloy we aim to ensure that your disputes are handled sensibly and with a view to achieving the most efficient results.