Traffic Offences


It is a common misconception that traffic infringement notices and similar notices (such as vehicle seizure notices) cannot be challenged. With any infringement notice there are occasions where the facts require closer scrutiny. For example:

  • If you are charged with unlicensed driving in circumstances where your licence was suspended for non payment of fines, there may be circumstances where this will not warrant a period of licence suspension; and
  • Upon proper examination of the facts a charge of reckless driving may be downgraded to careless driving.


For example, Mony De Kerloy has successfully overturned a vehicle seizure notice (issued under ‘hoon’ laws) in circumstances where the notice was ruled by the State Administrative Tribunal to be defective.


Mony De Kerloy has dealt with a wide range of different traffic infringement notices and can provide you with considered advice in relation to your notice before you make a decision on how to proceed.